OAHS Celebrates Milestone Employees

Each year in May, Ortonville Area Health Services celebrates our employees who reach 5-year increment milestone years of continuous service to our organization. The commitment and dedication of these employees is acknowledged and appreciated. In May, 2012, the following employees were recognized:


30 Years

Sharon Botker, Lori Larson (not present Terri Thomson)




25 Years

Sharon Carlson (not present Lynette Siewert)



20 Years

Kim Muenchow, Marge Dragseth, Kate Welberg (not present Linda Sis)




15 Years

Susan Maus, Shirley Swihart, Jody Biever (not present Jan Kirschbaum, Dawn Grant, Linda Ulrich)


10 Years

Denise Muldoon, Pam Karels, Judy Nissen, Kathy Madsen, Joett Nicholson (not present David Meyer, Lois Franzky and Mary Arndt)


5 Years

Diane Laub, Sybil Krause, Kristen Ohm, Amanda Engebretson (not present Rebecca Ash, Alicia Lee, Robin Redepenning and Michelle Tesch)

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