When will I get my COVID Vaccine?

Lots of excitement last week as FWV Senior Communities received COVID vaccinations.

Phase 1a roll out of COVID-19 vaccination had many levels of priority within it, by the end of this week OAHS along with public health will have been able to offer and deliver COVID vaccinations to those Phase 1a groups in our communities.

The Phase 1b groups that will come after the Phase 1a groups are frontline essential workers and adults 75 years and older for phase 1b. For phase 1c, adults ages 65-74 years, people ages 16 to 64 years with high-risk medical conditions, and other essential workers will be able to get vaccinated. We do not yet know when people in phase 1b and 1c will be able to get the vaccine in Minnesota.This will depend on how much vaccine the manufacturers are able to make and send out, and how many people get vaccinated in the first priority groups. People do not need to get on a waiting list or make an appointment at this time. Updates will be provided when we are able to start vaccinating more people and we will provide more information at that time for how eligible people can get vaccinated. OAHS does not know when we will be allocated vaccine to begin Phase 1b or when we can begin to vaccinate the next priority groups.

Health systems in our region along with Sanford have started to provide patient education with Phase 1b groups thru various messaging and letters.

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