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Mission Lifeline Grant

Recently, the American Heart Association awarded Ortonville Hospital a $12,000.00 grant that will help patients having a heart attack. This grant money covered the entire expense for EKG transmission software that was installed at OAHS this past November. The software enables the medical team at the hospital to receive an electronic EKG (a tracing of the heart) directly from the ambulance and well before the patient arrives at the Emergency Room. Once the medical team can view the EKG, treatment, stabilization and transfer plans get started immediately. The software even allows us to send the patient’s EKG to a referring hospital so they can get the cardiac cath team alerted and ready to intervene. Every minute we can save in treating our most critical heart attack patients, helps to save heart tissue and patient lives; that is why this grant is so helpful for our community.

No one understands this better than Oklahoma resident, Bobby Joy. On November 8th, 2014 he started having chest pains and soon after called 911. Within minutes the ambulance crew arrived and were able to use the new equipment, sending vital information right to the awaiting team at OAHS.

Thanks in large part to the new equipment, and well trained staff, Bobby Joy was able to come back to the hopital a few weeks later for a picture and to express gratitude.

Mission Lifeline

A GROUP EFFORT in helping save the life of Bobby Joy of Oklahoma on Nov. 8. Pictured from left to right are nurses Melissa Davis, Anita Anderson, Sandy Brown, cardiac arrest survivor Bobby Joy, and EMT’s Barb Dockter and Scott Huizenga. Not pictured is paramedic Maria Wiltscheck. With the help of a Physio Control Lifepack 15 cardiac monitor purchased for the Ortonville Ambulance, the group was able to forward information to the Ortonville Hospital on the heart attack suffered by Bobby Joy.

New Year Baby 2015

New Year Baby 2015

FIRST BABY BORN IN 2015 at the Ortonville Hospital was Hayden Claire Pedersen. Hayden is the daughter of Jordan & Brittany Pedersen of Wilmot, SD. She entered this world on Monday, Jan. 5 at 6:37 a.m., weighing 7 lbs. and measuring 20 1/4″ in length. Grandparents are Kari & Mike Pedersen of Wilmot and Shaun & Denice Hooth of Milbank, Dr. Susan Andersen delivered the baby. Hayden is shown in a New Year blanket, a gift from the OAHS Auxiliary

OAHS designated as a stroke ready hospital

Ortonville Area Health Services designated as a stroke ready hospital

 Ortonville Area Health Services (OAHS) joins 67 hospitals recognized for their preparedness to evaluate, stabilize and provide emergency treatment to patients with acute stroke symptoms.

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature authorized the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to designate hospitals in Minnesota as “stroke hospitals.” Ortonville Area Health Services choose to apply to be designated as one of these stroke ready hospitals and received the notice of this achievement at the end of December.

“Choosing to be a part of the state’s stroke department, allows us even better access to current standard and guideline resources so we can continue to provide the best care possible for patients who present to us with stroke symptoms,” said Maria Botker, Stroke Designation Coordinator and ER/OB Nursing Coordinator at OAHS.

Nearly one in three Minnesota stroke victims first receives care at a small, rural hospital. In addition, more than one-third of Minnesotans live more than 60 minutes away from a Primary Stroke Center. These facts highlight the importance of local hospitals becoming designated as stroke-ready facilities.

“When it comes to stroke, time lost is brain lost,” said MDH Commissioner of Health Dr. Ed Ehlinger. “That is why it is so crucial that all Minnesota hospitals are ready to deliver high-quality stroke care close to home.”

It is important for Minnesotans to know how to spot a stroke quickly and call 9-1-1. You can recognize the signs and symptoms of a stroke by remembering F.A.S.T.

F – facial droop/numbness, A – arm weakness, S – speech difficulty, and T – time to call 9-1-1.


Christmas Baby 2014

 Christmas Baby 2014

CHRISTMAS  BABY 2014 born at the Ortonville Hospital is Molly Gayle Crist. Molly is the daughter of Heather DeJong and Bobby Crist of Ortonville. She was born on Dec. 23at 7:08 p.m., was 20 inches long and weighed 6 lbs., 4 oz. Grandparents are Laverne Mielitz of Ortonville, Gloria Crist of Milbank, SD and Bob Crist of Milbank. Dr. Bob Ross and Dr. Grant Botker delivered the baby. Molly is shown in a Christmas Blanket, a gift from the OAHS Auxiliary.

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