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Fairway View Senior Communities: Ground Breaking Ceremony

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Sleep Medicine Program Available at Ortonville Area Health Services

In January, 2014, Ortonville Area Health Services began a partnership with Whitney Sleep Diagnostics & Consultants to provide comprehensive sleep medicine services. Patients can now receive diagnosis and treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, or any of the 84 known sleep disorders right in Ortonville.

People who snore excessively or stop breathing during sleep may have OSA. It is estimated that up to 18 million American adults have OSA. Untreated OSA can increase a person’s risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and work or traffic-related accidents due to daytime fatigue. People having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or not waking up refreshed, may suffer from a treatable sleep disorder. A simple screening tool, available at any of the clinics associated with Ortonville Area Health Services, can help determine if a sleep study is the best course of action for your situation.

“Sleep medicine continues to grow as a need among our patients, so we’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Whitney and his team to bring his expertise to our patients. Their model goes beyond what was previously available here, and is producing better outcomes for our patients,” commented Richard Ash, CEO at Ortonville Area Health Services

Dr. Courtney Whitney, who oversees all aspects of the sleep program at Ortonville Area Health Services, became a Board Certified Sleep Specialist in 2005. In 2008, he created Whitney Sleep Diagnostics specifically to provide comprehensive sleep medicine to the rural market. His decision to partner with rural hospitals provides people living in less populated areas, access to the benefits of a free standing sleep center typically found in larger cities.

“Sleep issues have such an impact on overall health. Our partnership demonstrates the commitment Ortonville Area Health Services has to the communities it serves,” added Dr. Whitney.

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