Changes to OAHS Respiratory Clinic Process

December 6, 2022: Ortonville Area Health Services is changing the appointment process for patients experiencing respiratory, influenza-like symptoms. Currently, this patient population is served in a location that allows them to avoid the main clinic area and entrance. This was necessary during the height of COVID to minimize the spread of illness while allowing OAHS personnel to see patients in a location where it was safe, effective, and efficient.

Now, patients with respiratory, influenza-like symptoms can once again receive care inside the clinic. Below is an overview of what to expect:

  • When you schedule your appointment, please communicate all symptoms, including any respiratory symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Arrive at the clinic as you typically would. Enter through the clinic and report to the registration area. Most importantly, wear a mask.
  • Registration staff will assist you to a designated room, bypassing the waiting room, where you will wait to see your healthcare provider.
  • Your appointment will take place as it typically does. After your appointment is complete, you do not need to report to the registration area to check out.

The drive-in option will remain in place for patients who have found it the most convenient way to receive care, meeting the patient where they are and where they feel most comfortable.

As treatment options for COVID have expanded to include preventative vaccines, home testing, effective treatment options, and better knowledge of the virus, OAHS has readdressed how patients with respiratory symptoms are cared for in the clinic while still ensuring the best patient experience possible for everyone. We appreciate your patience as we navigate and work through this change to our process.

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