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Learn How to Create a Healthier Lifestyle and Prevent Diabetes!

ICPDOrtonville Area Health Services is offering a diabetes prevention program. I Can Prevent Diabetes is a CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program. This community-based, lifestyle change program offers diabetes prevention education for people with pre-diabetes or who are at risk for diabetes.

The next class will be offered on Tuesdays, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., beginning May 3rd. We meet 16 times throughout a 6 month period and then will continue to meet once per month to complete a full year long course.

The cost for the I Can Prevent Diabetes program is $75,
which is fully refunded if 15 of the 16 classes are attended.
Attendance incentives will also be given at each class meeting.

Groups will meet with a trained OAHS lifestyle coach once a week to help participants lose weight, eat healthier and increase physical activity. After the initial 16-week program is complete, support and additional learning
session will be offered on a monthly basis for 6 months.


Risk Factors for Type 2 diabetes include:
• High blood pressure
• Elevated lipids (cholesterol triglycerides, LDL)
• Obesity (BMI >30)
• Family history of Type 2 diabetes
• History of gestational diabetes

We are looking for participants to take part in a group program that uses a community-based, lifestyle change program designed for people with prediabetes or at risk for diabetes. This program may be for you if you are:
• 18 years or older
• At risk for but NOT currently diagnosed with diabetes
• Overweight
• Not pregnant

“We have offered the I Can Prevent Diabetes class once in the past year with great feedback from participants,” says Brittany Swigerd, RN, Lifestyle Coach & staff nurse at Northside Medical Clinic. “Making simple lifestyle changes such as eating healthier and getting more physically active has proven effective for prevention of diabetes. A 5 to 7 percent weight loss can really make a difference.”

Space is limited to about a dozen participants. To register for this program or if you have questions, contact Brittany Swigerd, RN or Natasha Hynnek, LPN, Northside Medical Clinic at (320) 839-6157.

Patient and Family Partnership

Patient and Family PartnershipWe are currently working to recruit patient and family members to bring the patient and family perspective into what we do at Northside Medical Clinic and the Clinton Clinic. We are seeking individuals that are willing to partner with us to improve the experience of care at both clinics by sharing their ideas, feedback, and participation.

Partners will serve as a “voice” for patients and families of patients who receive care at Northside Medical Clinic or the Clinton Clinic. We are looking for individuals who are patients, caregivers, and/or family members who are willing to meet monthly to promote improved relationships between patients, families and staff. Items we will be discussing include:

  • Patient needs and concerns
  • Working with staff to make changes that affect patients and families
  • Assisting in the planning of new patient-related services
  • Serving as a resource providing patient perspectives

A patient and family partnership member would be expected to commit to a minimum one year term; attend 75% of monthly meetings, be able to listen to different opinions and share different points of view; respect the ideas of others; speak comfortably in a group; get along with many different kinds of people; and work as part of a team.

As a patient or family partner, you would be meeting with other patients and family members, health care providers and staff to address patient care issues, communicate patient and family concerns and help with problem solving, with the goal of improving our services. When patient and family volunteers work together with medical staff, the healthcare experience can be improved for everyone. If you are looking for ways to draw on your personal experiences at Northside Medical Clinic or the Clinton Clinic and contribute to the greater good by helping to improve the quality of care at both clinics, this program will provide an excellent opportunity to help meet your needs and use your interests and talents.

There are a variety of opportunities for involvement.

Please contact Twila Mursu at 320-839-4266, or email [email protected] if you are interested in serving on the Patient and Family Partnership.

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