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OAHS Welcomes Beth Fladhammer, FNP


Dr. Ristvedt Update

The Ristvedts are proud to announce the arrival of Warren Dennis! Born 7/14/16, 11:22am at OAHS, weighing in at 3lbs 1oz.

Here is an update from Dr. Sarah Ristvedt:

Warren and I are still at Sanford in Sioux Falls, but doing well. Now 5lbs 5 oz, he just needs to get a little better at eating by mouth and get rid of the tube in his nose. Maverick(3.5 years) is a proud big brother, but misses his mom and is disappointed that he didn’t get to ride in the helicopter with his baby brother. We will hopefully all be back to our home in Graceville soon, and I plan to start full time at OAHS in November.

I was really looking forward to getting to start practice prior to maternity leave, however my son had other plans and was born 2 months early. While it was not anyone’s first choice for him to be born in Ortonville so early, have now experienced first hand the amazing skills and fast response of my future co workers! I’m also thankful for the wonderful NICU flight team at Sanford.Ristvedt Family

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