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Kafka Donation Helps Improve Cardiac Rehab Education

OAHS Cardiac Rehab Coordinator, Kelly Kallhoff, RN, recently began to develop a new education program to better educate our patients on how the heart works, various cardiac procedures, the purpose of Cardiac Rehab, and other ways to be heart healthy. In her research, she discovered some video resources that touched on all of those topics and were perfect for the program. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, she just didn’t have a convenient way to get those resources into the hands of her patients.  Dan Kafka was just beginning the Cardiac Rehab Program when this was beginning to develop. “Dan and I were chatting about the education portion,” said Kalhoff “and I stated that we are looking into getting an iPad but until then I was using my computer on wheels to view the videos.”  Dan ran into OAHS CEO Dave Rogers and expressed that he would like to donate an iPad to the Cardiac Rehab Department for the education program. Kalhoff stated, “Thanks to Dan’s generosity, now my patients can watch and listen to important information about leading a heart-healthy lifestyle all while exercising and strengthening their hearts.” 

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