Price Estimates

Ortonville Area Health Services will make every effort to provide price information to patients and prospective patients that is timely and reasonably accurate for services which are not yet provided. Inquiries will be directed, within normal office hours, to Patient Financial Services (PFS) who will utilize working relationships with department heads to ensure reasonable accuracy for the estimated costs being provided.

Patients who have been treated or are in the process of being treated will be provided with the pricing of services provided.

For individuals who are inquiring about services to be provided, PFS, will rely upon the prospective patient’s description of the service or procedure to be performed by Ortonville Area Health Services and will then provide the caller with information based on either the average charge of the procedure or the range of charges for the least complex to the most complex procedures which seem to match the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is usually included in a price estimate?

  • Depending on the service, the estimate is based on what specific procedures normally cost, including doctor (if Northside Medical Clinic provider) and facility fees and supplies. Actual costs may vary because it is difficult to predict exactly what services will be needed. The estimates may include anticipated fees for items such as room and board, operating room and anesthesia. This may not be an all-inclusive list.

What services are not included in my estimate?

  • The estimate may not include all fees incurred at the time of the service, as you may receive a bill from Sanford Labs or a provider who is independent from Ortonville Area Health Services (Radiologist, Outreach Physician, Pathologist, etc).

How soon will I receive my price estimate?

  • Most price estimates will be processed and mailed within 5-7 business days.
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