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Northridge Residence Survey:

As we continue to plan and prepare for the future of healthcare in our region, we are seeing significant and continuing changes in how senior care and services are made available. One of the key factors we face in preparing for the future of senior care is our infrastructure. Northridge Residence was a state of the art facility when it was built; however, it is almost 40 years old.

The appearance of the building looks in good shape as it has been cared for over the years. Behind the walls however, many of the building’s infrastructure (heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, roofing, insulation, etc.) are at or past their useful lives so significant repairs and/or replacement needs are upon us.

As we looked into the building needs, we also looked at what changes are occurring in our region and at a national level. Expectations of senior care customers are changing, with greater expectations of more amenities and higher quality of care as well as how and where that care is given.

The purpose of this survey and the staff/community meetings is to get your input on what needs to be considered if we redesign the Northridge building to meet the expectations and needs of our community for the next 40 years.

Health Information Management Department Receives Excellence in Birth Registration Award

Birth records are a necessity for every patient. Every hospital is required to complete birth registration formHIM award Pics for every baby born in the facility. The data contained within the forms is collected by  Minnesota Department of Health Office of Vital Records and submitted to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The MDH Office of Vital Records monitors the timeliness and completeness of birth registrations in all Minnesota facilities. Ortonville Area Health Services was notified that the Health Information Management department received the Excellence in Birth Registration Award.


The standard the MDH establishes is that all birth registrations are completed in full and submitted within five days of each birth. The medical facilities that fully complete and submit 98 percent of birth registrations within five days of birth receive the Excellence in Birth Registration Award. For the calendar year 2013, 57 of 104 medical facilities that deliver babies in Minnesota were honored with this award. A greater accomplishment is that of the 57 facilities that received the award, only 19 of those facilities submitted 100 percent of birth registrations within the five day time frame. Ortonville Area Health Services is one of the only 19 medical facilities in Minnesota that submitted 100 percent of birth registrations within the five day window.


This award highlights the Health Information Management team and the excellence of their work. The primary person at OAHS responsible for birth registrations is Kristen Ohm, and her back-up is Joett Nicholson. This award, and achieving 100 percent of our birth registrations completed in full and submitted on time, highlights the teamwork and dedication of Kristen and Joett. Congratulations!

Senior Housing & Northridge Community Planning/Public Visioning Meeting

Community Flyer


Please click on the link above to provide your

feedback on the Northridge Residence

planning for the future project.

2014 Student Internship Opportunity


                      Ortonville Area Health Services

2014 Student Internship Opportunity

Are you interested in exploring a career in healthcare?


Through a joint effort with the Office of Rural Health and Primary Care, MN Dept of Health and OAHS, we are accepting applications for the summer internship program.  This Summer Health Care Intern Program (SHCIP) allows students to gain valuable experience in a health care setting and encourage students to explore health care careers.



Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • High School students who will be entering their senior year in the fall of 2014, or are 2014 high school graduates; or
  • Post-secondary students who are enrolled in (but not graduating from this year) a Minnesota two-year or four-year health care degree-granting educational program; or are a resident of Minnesota enrolled in (but not graduating from this year) an out-of-state two-year or four-year health care degree-granting educational program.

For consideration, applicants must submit a completed OAHS application with a cover letter plus a letter of reference by Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

Applications should be submitted to:

Ortonville Area Health Services

Attn: HR Office

450 Eastvold Ave.

Ortonville, MN  56278

email:    [email protected]

phone: 320-839-4112                                           


OAHS is an EOE

Lunch & Learn – Senior Linkage Line – May 22, 2014

LUNCH & LEARN Senior Linkage

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