Lab Services

door to the OAHS labOur laboratory performs medical tests that analyze samples of a person’s body fluids, tissues or wastes. Your healthcare provider may order lab tests to diagnose medical conditions, for health screenings or to monitor treatment.

Tests offered by Ortonville Hospital’s lab department include:

  • Hematology – blood tests which examine the cellular content which could include the presence of anemia, leukemia, viral versus bacterial infections or other conditions.
  • Coagulation – tests to detect clotting abnormalities and monitoring coumadin therapy.
  • Chemistry – Blood tests such as cholesterolscreening; diabetes screening; liver function tests; kidney function tests; potassium, sodium, thyroid and prostate screening; the monitoring of some therapeutic drugs, Cardiac enzymes to access possible heart attack (myocardial infarction/M.I.), plus many other tests to help your physician with an appropriate diagnosis.
  • Serology – Body fluids, blood or urine can be used to detect infectious diseases such as RSV, rapid strep, Influenza A, mono. They can also be used to detect pregnancies.
  • Screenings for Drugs – Tests to determine if there are drugs of abuse present.
  • Urinalysis – Urine testing may help detect diabetes, infection of the urinary tract, liver and kidney problems, prostate problems, drugs of abuse, poisoning, pregnancy and other conditions.
  • Blood Banking – Test information is used to prevent problems with blood transfusions or problems due to differences between a mother’s and her unborn baby’s blood.

Patients may also take advantage of Direct Access Lab Testing which does not require a physician’s order. For more information on Direct Access Lab Testing and available tests, click here.

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